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St Andrew's, Carters Green
West Bromwich
An Ecumenical Partnership of
The Church of England and The Methodist Church

School Resources


St Andrew's as a learning resource.

Churches offer a fantastic learning experience and resource for schools. At St Andrew’s we offer:

- a number of interactive learning experiences.

- a large space ideal for your school Christmas Concert, Leavers’ Assembly or other event.

- meeting rooms that can be utilised for interviews when recruiting staff.

- dual projection equipment in the main worship area.

- an Education Pack supporting some of the most popular themes of visits. Further details are at the bottomof this page or you can view the PDF opposite.


Risk Assessment

We have prepared a Risk Assessment to satisfy Health and Safety requirements in preparation for your visit.

Download it here

Learning experiences

Exploring the Christian Faith

The Christian faith is best explored through talking to Christians. Contact us to discuss your requirements. Talks can be given on the Christian message in the main festivals of Easter and Christmas. The Bible can be explored, the meaning of Baptism explained and the meaning of marriage, and the practical aspects of weddings, explored. The role of the Church, both locally and wider afield, can also be explored through conversation and dialogue.

If you would like further details contact us via email

A great resource that we recommend unreservedly for exploring about Jesus, the Christian faith and the Church can be found at rejesus.co.uk. Click opposite to enter their website.

What is St Andrew’s and what do we do?

There are three websites that will help you discover more about St Andrew’s Church and find out about our activities:

To visit our website: Click here

To visit our page on ‘A Church near You’ Click here

Take a look at our Facebook page: Click here


The Church of England and the Methodist Church

St Andrew’s is an Ecumenical Partnership which means it is part of both the Church of England and the Methodist Church.

Links to the websites of the two churches are as follows:

The Church of England

Home page, Our Faith, History

The Methodist Church

Home Page, Exploring Christianity, History


Christianity and other Faiths

At St Andrew’s we respect the beliefs of of those from other faiths. For details and advice about relationships between faiths, we recommend the Inter Faith Network. Click the icon opposite.


Social and Family History

St Andrew’s has retained Registers of Baptism and Registers of Marriage dating back to the early years of the twentieth century. In addition to being useful for those tracing family history the registers contain other information, such as occupations, that is of value to those exploring the social history of this area.

Registers of Baptism are available from June 1910

These contain the name of the person being baptised, date of birth, date of baptism, parents’ names, address and the occupation of the father. In later registers the mother’s occupation and the names of the Godparents also appear.

Registers of Marriage are available from October 1919

These contain the names of the couple, their ages, prior marital status, occupations and addresses. The names of the fathers and the fathers’ occupations are also given as are the signatures of two witnesses to the marriage.

Registers have to viewed on the premises under supervision and cannot be loaned out.

Older registers, dating from the foundation of St Andrew’s in 1879, have been archived at Stafford. There are microfiche copies available in Sandwell archives at Smethwick Library.

Some details of the history of St Andrew's are here

Some old photographs of St Andrew's are here


Signs and Symbols

A favourite of Primary Schools, the RE theme of Signs and Symbols is supported at St Andrew’s by information and worksheets in a downloadable Education Pack. (see below


Features that are found in a church building

Another Primary School favourite including the “Big Four” of altar, font, lectern and pulpit, as well as terms such as Nave, Aisle and Chancel.

Details are in the Education Pack (see below).


What happens at a Christening?

A one sheet summary “What happens at a Christening?”, designed to accompany a visit by the pupils to church is available by clicking here


The St Andrew’s Education Pack

We have prepared an Education Pack, “Resources for Schools visiting St Andrew’s”, which can be downloaded in PDF form opposite.


History of St Andrew's

Click here


Gallery of old photographs

Click here


Signing the Register

A painting by Edmund Blair Leighton


The pack contains:

Floor Plans:

- A plan of the building with the main features labelled.

- An unlabelled plan of the building, for pupils to label.

A plan showing the different ages of the building.

Features of a church building:

- Sheets, with photos, explaining the main features.

Signs and Symbols:

- Sheets with photos, explaining signs, symbols and statues

- Worksheets. Sheets with photos and space for pupils to sketch or write.


If you would like anything added let us know..

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.

(Albert Einstein)

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