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Rourke Bike

Sri Lanka

Statements on the situation in Sri Lanka:

Click the image to the left of each description to access statements etc on the situation in Sri Lanka following the Easter Day 2019 bombings.  These statements come from my friend and colleague The Rt Revd Duleep DeChickera (Anglican Bishop of Colombo 2001 - 2010),

NEW Posted 09.09.19 - Parliamentary Elections and the Peoples Options

A media release from The Friday Forum about the current political context. The Friday Forum is an informal group of concerned citizens pledged to uphold norms ofdemocracy, good governance, rule of law, human rights, media freedom and tolerance in our pluralist society. Click image opposite (PDF)

Earlier statements and reflections following the Easter Day 2019 bombings in Sri Lanka

Posted 10.06.19 - Keep it Clean:

A reflection form Bishop Duleep De Chickera.   Click image opposite (PDF)

Posted 15.05.19 - Restraint with Empathy and Kindness:

A statement from Religions for Responsible Governance, a group of leaders of Sri Lanka's four main faiths.   Click image opposite (PDF)

Posted 11.05.19 - Sensitivity, Solidarity and Social Stability:

A theological reflection from Bishop Duleep DeChickera, Anglican Bishop of Colombo 2001 - 2010.   Click image opposite (PDF)

25.04.19 - Easter Sunday's Suffering:

A statement from The Friday Forum (democracy, good governance, human rights and the rule of law).  Click image opposite (PDF)

22.04.19 - From Death to Life

A reflection by Bishop Duleep DeChickera, Anglican Bishop of Colombo 2001 - 2010, on the Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka.  Click image opposite (PDF) 


My Rourkie

Reynolds 853 steel tubing.

Campagnolo Athena groupset (50/34 and 12/29)

Ritchie Pro stem, bars and seatpost.

Chris King headset

Handbuilt wheels on Mavic rims

Continental Gatorskin tyres (700x23C) (*currently GatorHardshell)

Brooks Swift saddle.

Currently running with rear rack fitted.

Brian Rourke Framesets

194 Waterloo Road






Campanology (Bell Ringing)

In the 1980s I was an enthusiastic church bell ringer.  This included ringing 132 peals*.  I also visited hundreds of towers on outings, canal boat holidays, local band practice nights and for quarter-peal and peal attempts.  Ringing is complex and not all attempts are successful! 

*A peal is long length ringing usually lasting for two or three hours depending on number and weight of bells.  During a peal, on seven or eight bells, the same sequence of bells; eg 21436587, 24163857 etc isn’t repeated.  Each sequence is one ‘change’ and peal has to be 5040 changes long (on seven bells or less) or 5000 on eight or more.  The way these changes are derived is called a ‘method’, for example Cambridge Surprise or Stedman.

Peal Records

A PDF record of my 132 peals giving place, date, method, ringers, time etc.

My dad (Eric Claridge) and granddad (Harry Claridge) were also bellringers and rang several peals.  Here are their records:

Eric’s 7 peals (left) and Harry’s 9 peals (right)

Peal records are from


From my Peal Record Book:

Above left:

My first peal, note the number in top right-hand corner.  Rung at Pelsall, my home tower.

Above right: 

A special peal at Lichfield Cathedral started as the Queen left the Cathedral

after the Royal Maundy Service in 1988.

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