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Wedding Resources

Thank you for choosing our church for your special day!

We hope that the resources here will help you to plan your wedding day.
Most of the material on here is relevant for weddings under either Church of England or Methodist/URC procedures. However the 'preliminaries', the legal things you need to do quite a while before the wedding day, vary. When we talk I'll explain what you need to do depending on which procedure you follow.

At the bottom of this page you'll find details of a number of providers of wedding services. These individuals and companies supported a Wedding Fair I was involved in at St Andrew's, West Bromwich in October and I recommend their services.

If you haven’t yet booked your wedding.

If you have dropped in on this page by chance, or from one of our other websites, and are thinking of getting married but haven’t yet contacted us, you can do so now by calling 0121 433 5176 or email me.

Church of England procedures or Methodist/URC ones?

The Cotteridge Church is part of The Church of England, The Methodist Church and The United Reformed Church. As it's Minister I represent all three denominations. You can be married by any other Minister of any of those churches, subject to a few legal procedures. Although the service varies little, there are one or two differences in things that have to be done in advance. We’ll be delighted to talk to you about any preference that you have.

How much does it cost?

The fee for a wedding at The Cotteridge Church is available on request. There is usually a very slight increase in the fee each year. Fees are usually set in November for the year following.


What happens when?

Once you’ve booked the date you’ll have a lot to do in addition to the church. We’re happy to go at your speed as far as arranging the service is concerned.

We’re happy to talk about arrangements at any time. We can also advise you on hymns, music, readings and the prayers of the service (also see the details below).

You can pay the fee, either complete or in stages, whenever you want. We do however prefer it at least a couple of weeks before the service. You can pay in cash, or cheque payable to The Cotteridge Church.

There will need to be a rehearsal, usually during the week before the wedding, and we can advise you as to who ideally needs to be at that when we arrange a time.

Above all else remember to stay in touch with us, ideally by coming along to our Sunday Service occasionally. We meet every Sunday and have services at 9am, 10.30am and 6.30pm (also on fourth Sunday of each mont at 4pm. All are friendly congregations and our members will help make your day a success.

Some resources for you to

Choosing hymns and readings.

The Church of England has prepared an excellent Wedding Planner website. You can listen to, and read the words of, favourite wedding hymns. Suitable readings can also be found there. There’s a lot of other stuff there too, both about your wedding day and also thinking about issues to get the best from your marriage in your future together.

To visit the site click on the image opposite, then choose “Your Wedding” and then browse the menu to find what you need.


What you’ll say in the service.

One of the first questions we’re often asked is, “What do I have to say?” To be honest there isn’t a lot for you to say and you don’t have to learn anything by heart.

We’ve prepared a sheet, based on the Church of England service, showing the main parts. It contains The Preface, which is the introduction to the service, and also the parts that you have to say - including The Vows. The Vows are usually said with you each repeating a line that is said by the Minister.

To find out what you’ll be saying, download the document by clicking opposite.


Printing an Order of Service.

Many couples just use the church’s hymn books but, if you prefer, you can have a special Order of Service. Some couples prepare this themselves and others use a specialist Wedding Stationery printer.

An Order of Service usually contains just the headings of parts of the service and, of course, the words of the hymns.

We’ve prepared a template that you can use and it can be downloaded by clicking opposite.


Have fun with our Marriage Questions

Some years ago we prepared a list of questions for our wedding couples. The idea is that you print two copies of the questions, one for each of you, and then answer them individually. Then compare your answers. There will be plenty to laugh about but hopefully some serious discussions too.

The questions cover many aspects of your relationship; from favourite tv programmes to the more intimate aspects of your lives. So remember: We do NOT want to see your answers, they are just for you two to share.

Download the sheets by clicking opposite.

Helping you with the cost of your wedding.

Weddings can be expensive occasions. The Church of England recognises this and has entered into partnership with a number of Credit Unions who can assist with spreading the cost of your special day.

Credit Unions provide cheap loans to members and we can even give you free membership of one near you.

For details click on the leaflet opposite.


Some useful contacts and providers of wedding services:

Makeup by Amy Meleham
Hair and Makeup by Amy Meleham Phone: 07577880090 Bridal Prices from £50
Facebook: www.facebook.com/makeupbyamymeleham/
Instagram: www.instagram.com/makeupbyamym/

Mark Richards - Magician
A magician for your wedding reception!
www.markrichards.biz Email: info@markrichards.biz Phone: 07762885685

CB Wedding Cars
A Rolls Royce for your special day!
Phone: 07734058156 or 0121 557 7033

Made at Home: Barbs Beads and Handmade Cards
Phone: 0121 556 8395 Email:

Elaine Hill: Bespoke Jewellry
Bridal and Couture
Phone: 0121 502 4133 Email: elainehill31@yahoo.co.uk

Marriage is a wonderful invention: then again, so is a bicycle repair kit.

(Billy Connolly)