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Lent 2015

The Passion in Matthew's Gospel

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This year our Lent Course will follow Matthew’s account of the events leading to the cross.

The dates are listed below. Daytime sessions will be Tuesday’s at 11.00am with a Lent Lunch, open to all, at 12.15pm. Evening sessions will be Wednesdays, with one exception where the course will be switched to a Thursday due to a Circuit Meeting at St Andrew’s on the Wednesday.

During the course we’ll be looking at just two chapters of Matthew’s Gospel (Chapters 26 and 27). All you will need is a Bible, whichever translation you prefer. The sessions are not lectures though, so come prepared to discuss and chat. Remember, where Bible Study is concerned, there are no right or wrong answers! If the text is suggesting something to you, let us know! An important part of each session will be chatting together about that week’s passage. The only ‘homework’ will be to read those few verses in advance.

We’ll break the chapters down as follows:


Week One: Tuesday 24th February and Wednesday 25th February

Chapter 26, verses 1 - 16. Video meditation

The Chief Priests seek to destroy Jesus - Jesus is anointed - Judas plans to betray Jesus

Week Two: Tuesday 3rd March and Wednesday 4th March

Chapter 26, verses 17 - 46 Video meditation

Preparation of the Passover Meal - The Last Supper - Agony in the Garden

Week Three: Tuesday 10th March and Wednesday 11th March

Chapter 26, verse 47 - Chapter 27, verse 10 Video meditation

The arrest of Jesus - The hearing before Caiaphas - Peter denies Jesus - The death of Judas

Week Four: Tuesday 17th March and Thursday 19th March

Chapter 27, verses 11 - 37 Video meditation

Trial before Pilate - Jesus is crowned with thorns and mocked - Crucifixion

Week Five: Tuesday 24th March and Wednesday 25th March

Chapter 27, verses 38 - 66 Video meditation

The death of Jesus - The burial of Jesus - The tomb is sealed.

There is of course a whole range of art that can help us in our studies. Look out for something that’s important to you; paintings, poetry, music etc. Whatever it is, if you can, bring it along to share. The break down of the chapters above also follows that of J.S.Bach’s St Matthew’s Passion so we’ll be using that too.

Come along and enjoy the course and let us enjoy your contributions too.

Download notes for each week

This year I am only making notes available online, plus my meditations from 'Symbols of the Passion'.

At the sessions we are also using hymns, visual art and music.

Notes for Week One
Notes for Week Two
Notes for Week Three
Notes for Week Four
Notes for Week Five