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Chocolate Nativity

Mike Claridge - 19th December 2013

Roundabout - January 2014

St Andrew's, West Bromwich

Like me I’m sure you’ve had lots of chocolates given to you over Christmas and New Year. Do you feel guilty when eating them? I know I do! Here’s a way you can eat away guilt free. Just tell yourself and others that every time you eat a chocolate it reminds you of part of the greatest story ever told, the birth of Jesus Christ the Son of God and Saviour of the World.

This is Chocolate Nativity!

It was the first Christmas Day and, in a stable in Bethlehem, Jesus had just been born. In the fields nearby were shepherds. It was a cold, cloudless night just AFTER EIGHT when, as they gazed up at the MILKY WAY they saw a strange sight. There were angels in the sky, hovering TWIX heaven and earth. The angels sang like MINSTRELS and told the shepherds about a very special birth in Bethlehem. The shepherds didn’t know whether to take the angels seriously and regarded theM AL TEASERS. But, on what had been so far a very boring night, it was a good TOPIC of conversation so they decided to go the Bethlehem without delay. They went the quickest route, as straight as an AERO

The shepherds found the stable and went in. There were animals; cows, donkeys and even a KIT-KAT chasing a mouse. It was a very smelly stable. It certainly didn’t smell of ROSES. But there in the centre were Mary, Joseph and, in the manger, baby Jesus fast asleep. The shepherds were very quiet and had to WISPA so as not to wake him. They REVELled in the sight of the new born child.

Far, far away in the east there were Wise Men, proper SMARTIES you could say. They had been studying the GALAXY and had seen a special star. It was the brightest STAR, BAR none. Was it MARS? No, it was a very special star, the sign of a new king being born and they decided to go and see. So they packed a PICNIC, put their coats on, did up their BUTTONS, mounted their CARAMELS and set off. It was a very long way, a MARATHON of a journey or to put it another way these days they had to pack plenty of spare SNICKERS.

It was a long, long journey, there were even a FLAKE or two snow falling to make the ground CRUNCHIE. Eventually the Wise Men, yes a right bunch of SMARTIES, arrived at Bethlehem and, after parking their CARAMELS they went to see the baby Jesus. There they presented him with a rich BOUNTY of gifts; Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh and worshipped Jesus.

Every year we continue the CELEBRATIONS of that birth of a very special baby. A baby who grew to be a man followed by millions, the Son of God, King of Kings, Jesus Christ, the greatest of all HEROES.