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Bite Back at Hunger

Mike Claridge - 22nd April 2013

Roundabout - May 2013

St Andrew's, West Bromwich

What makes you angry or sad?

That’s a question many of the congregation have been asked when they’ve been interviewed as individuals for our “Meet the Congregation” page in this magazine. The answers have been varied and, among them, have been those saying how angry and upset people get at seeing suffering in the world.

Churches, and individual Christians, have a role to speak out wherever we see suffering or injustice. It’s part of our prophetic role to shouting out when people are being ignored, persecuted or impoverised. Campaigns are organised, marches and demonstrations attended, letters and petitions written, and appeals for money held.

In the next few weeks thousands of churches will stand together to speak out for change. Every May sees Christian Aid Week, 12th - 18th May this year). All over the country some 100,000 committed volunteers will go out and put their faith into action, raising funds to help some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people.

‘It’s very rewarding to know that Christians of different traditions are working together for one common aim during Christian Aid Week.‘ Christian Aid Week volunteer

The theme of this year’s Christian Aid Week is Bite Back at Hunger. It’s a frightening thought that, although there is plenty enough food for everyone in the world, one in eight people will go to bed hungry tonight. Some of those are in our own country and many, many more are all around the world.

With local churches we collect food for the West Bromwich Food Bank to help those in need in our town. In Christian Aid, and other times throughout the year, we raise money to help those further afield who are in need.

This year’s Christian Aid Week focusses on how Christian Aid is helping communities to bite back at hunger. There are powerful stories about land rights in Bolivia, new technology in Kenya and innovative agriculture in Zimbabwe. In each of those countries Christian Aid works with partners in those countries to ensure that the resources are used exactly where they are needed.

You can support Christian Aid Week this year by giving a donation, no matter how small or large, in the envelopes to be distributed in the next week or so. Just as important is a focus in your prayers on the work of Christian Aid and it’s partners. You can find out more about Christian Aid by attending our special Christian Aid Family Service on Sunday 5th May. We’ll also have a focus on Christian Aid’s work the following week too.

If you’re online you can find out more by visiting the special website at www.christianaidweek.org